About Rochester Bass Masters

   Rochester Bassmasters was incorporated in New York State on July 18, 2016.  Rochester Bassmasters Incorporated received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS on November 3, 2016. Subsequently on January 16th, 2018, Rochester Bassmasters Inc. received tax exempt status from New York State.

   In 1975 a group of Sportsmen with a respect for the outdoors and a passion for fishing founded the Rochester Bassmasters.  We are an organization of about 100 men and women who come from all walks of life to enjoy the great sport of bass fishing.  Through a common interest and a variety of educational and competitive activities we give members the opportunity to become more effective anglers. We are affiliated with B.A.S.S., the National Federation and the New York State Bass Federation.  We believe strongly in the conservation and preservation of our aquatic resources so catch & release and respect for the environment are promoted.  This will ensure that we provide the same opportunities for future generations.

   We encourage the youth of our community to get involved in fishing through various mediums.  Club members give lectures, demonstrations and seminars within the community.  We also host youth fishing days and B.A.S.S. sponsored Casting Kids events.  Our hope is to keep kids away from negative influences by providing them with fun and interesting alternatives.  Our club sponsors many family functions that we invite members to attend.  These activities include Picnics, Banquets, Social Night, Youth & Couple tournaments, and an Annual Kids Christmas party.  Through various events, we are able to provide donations to youth and Self Help organizations within our community.

George Perry’s world Record Bass