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    Fred Blom

    Many posts on the FLW Costa Co-Angler missing on Okeechobee. While everyone hopes for the best and fears the worst take a moment to upgrade your life vest to a Mustang 100 mph vest. They are recommended by the Coast Guard. They are guaranteed to stay on and keep your head afloat if properly worn. They have a high back collar. They have four double stitched adjustable straps. You can get one on Amazon.

    Do this for yourself and your family. Cost about the same as one of those inflatable vests. Stop and ask yourself which one would you bet your life on if you fall out of a boat at full speed?…

    Also invest in a Personal Radio Beacon PRB. This device should attach to your life vest. When activated, it will notify the nearest rescue units to your GPS position within a minute or two. They will come quickly to find you and rescue you. In the big water lakes we fish, a top rated life vest and the PRB will go a long way in saving you.

    NY BASS started a recognition program three years ago when Scott Bliss saved the life of an adult and a teen on Cayuga Lake in October. The following year Mike Cusano saved a disabled boat in the main shipping channel on the St. Lawrence and in 2016, Chuck Rowlee and Chris Killoren saved Pete Knight who fell overboard in Lake Ontario. In 2017, a boater in Port City was rescued by fellow club members when his boat was filled with water after his bilge failed. So don’t say it doesn’t happen or it won’t happen to me. In an instant, you can be thrown in the water and risk your life.

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    Stephen Levine

    Fred You are 100% correct. This is often a overlooked subject that as a club we need to make sure as much information is put
    in-front of our members as possible.

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    Dave Livingston

    Good information Fred. Also, go to for a complete explanation of EPIRBs and PLBs. For most of us, a PLB would be the preferred device, since it is personal (not linked to a specific boat like an EPIRB) and less expensive($160 to $360, vs >$600 for most EPIRBs).

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